Relic Antique & Vintage grew out of a 30 year passion for collecting antiques and vintage items. In 2009 I began selling vintage cookbooks on Etsy under the name Retro Cookbook. At that time I had a vintage cookbook collection which had grown to include a number of duplicate copies, so I began selling them on Etsy. That quickly grew to be a market for other vintage items from my personal collection which I was ready to get rid of. 
Fast forward... my art & photo studio is home to many pieces from my curious collection of vintage stuff, and at every open studio I had people wanting to buy my vintage goods (as opposed to my art!) So in 2016 I decided to set up a small antique store in my studio to sell some of my collection, as well as some antiques from a couple friends of mine. It was a big hit and I decided to expand the antique business to a booth in one of the better local antique malls. 
These days finding interesting antiques and vintage items for my customers is my main job, and my art & photography has become the hobby. I love finding cool antiques! For me it really is a passion which is right up there with creating art. The thing I really love about being an antique dealer is that I can buy things I love, hang on to them for a little bit, and then pass them on to someone else who will love to have them in their own collection. It is a kind of Zen non-attachment bringing other's joy type of thing. ;-)
Relic is mainly just me, but I work closely with a couple friends whose items I sell on consignment. My lovely wife is also a key source of inspiration!
Thanks for your interest!
Jim Sincock


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